THU: continue public health measures

 As the province starts to slowly lighten restrictions and the May long weekend approaches, it is necessary that everyone continue to practice the public health measures that have been in place over the last few months. Even though the number of positive COVID-19 cases is currently stable in Timiskaming and in Northern Ontario, the virus continues to circulate and local communities remain at risk of outbreaks which can develop quickly. 

Anyone with viral symptoms should be tested and is asked to call Timiskaming’s COVID-19 hotline at 705-647-4305 extension 7 or 1-866-747-4305 extension 7 for assessment and to schedule a test if appropriate. Any person who is tested for COVID-19 must stay home and self-isolate until receiving their test result, even if they feel better. 

Dr. Glenn Corneil, Acting Medical Officer of Health for the Timiskaming Health Unit said, “It has been a very difficult time for many, many people, but the local and provincial measures have worked to flatten the curve and help protect people in our district. We must not relax these measures too soon or too quickly; it is important to continue working together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Timiskaming.” 

Residents are encouraged to not let their guard down as the province begins to re-open. 

 Continue to practice physical distancing, which means staying at least 2 metres away from anyone who is not in your household or ‘social bubble’ 

 Wash hands frequently 

 It is important to go outside and exercise, but stay at least 2 metres from others and try to change your route or time of day that you go out to make it easier to follow these guidelines 

 When doing errands, distancing must still occur and please respect any additional safety measures the businesses have put in place 

 Reach out to vulnerable people in your community who may need support 

 Do not gather in groups of more than 5 people 

 Consider wearing a home-made mask if out in the community 

 Stay home if unwell and contact Timiskaming Health Unit for assessment 

 Continue to stay in your home center; if essential to travel into or out of district, you must continue to practice all public health measures 

For more information on COVID-19 go to our THU website or visit Ontario’s website to learn more about how the province continues to protect Ontarians from COVID-19. 

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