THU issues air quality warning



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Please see Special Air Quality statement issued by Environment and Climate Change Canada:
   Temiskaming Shores – Temagami, Ont. (049720)

Smoke is expected to cause poor air quality today.

High levels of air pollution have developed due to smoke from forest fires.

A smoke plume from forest fires in Quebec will continue to spread over the area today, resulting in deteriorated air quality. Poor air quality is expected to continue into this evening for some areas.

Air quality due to wildfire smoke can fluctuate over short distances and can vary considerably from hour to hour.

For more details, please consult

Wildfire smoke can be harmful to everyone’s health even at low concentrations. Everyone can take action to reduce their exposure to wildfire smoke.

People with lung disease (such as asthma) or heart disease, older adults, children, pregnant people, and people who work outdoors are at higher risk of experiencing health effects caused by wildfire smoke. Speak with your health care provider about developing a management plan for wildfire smoke events and maintaining a supply of necessary medications at home and always carrying these medications with you during wildfire season.

Stop or reduce your activity level if breathing becomes uncomfortable or you or someone in your care feel unwell. Contact your health care provider or local health authority if you develop severe symptoms or need advice.

In the absence of Air Quality Health Index measurement in our region, you can visit this map to view purple air monitor stations in the Timiskaming area to help make informed decisions about air quality and your health. Values can be converted to an AQHI by dividing by 10 and rounding up.

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