Orville lived most of his life in Latchford. He studied accounting in Toronto and after a period in

the work force was hired at the former Misericordia Hospital in Haileybury. He was involved in

the planning of the new Temiskaming Hospital, to which he moved in 1979, and of which he

became Chief Executive Officer in 1986. He spent 28 years in the local hospital field, making

many dear friends among the staff and was always concerned for their well being and success.

Orville and Rita married in 1967 and enjoyed life on Bay Lake with the challenges of boating,

snowmobiling, gardening and just enjoying nature. After his retirement from Temiskaming

Hospital in 1989 he enjoyed 23 years by the Lake working on various projects.

Following a heart attack and open heart surgery in July 2012, Orville died at Temiskaming

Hospital where he received the most compassionate and loving care. One of his last spoken

wishes was to help the Hospital. In the Special Care Unit he looked around at all the equipment

and said “We’ll have to give them some money for equipment”. After his death Rita made a

donation to the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation so that this could be done.

Orville and Rita had discussed for some time doing something to benefit the community. It was

his wish that they do something for the good of the citizens of our area. After his death Rita

approached The Temiskaming Foundation and set up an endowment fund which is invested and

the income earned on the investment is used annually to support charitable and non profit

organizations in the area.

Orville lives on in the hearts of his friends and family. His good work will continue in the

legacies he and Rita leave behind.

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the lives that follow.

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