Loss of water pressure in New Liskeard area

NEW LISKEARD (Staff/Special) — The City of Temiskaming Shores has released a public advisory that at approximately 3 p.m. on Tuesday, July 9, the public works department was told of a loss in pressure in the water distribution system in New Liskeard.

“Upon further investigation it was determined that the main feeder line from the water treatment plant located on McCamus Avenue, which provides water to everything west and north of Whitewood Avenue, including the entire Dymond distribution system, has been damaged and has resulted in loss of water and pressure.”

The city is advising residents that, until further notice, the water supply to a large portion of New Liskeard and Dymond will be affected and there is no estimate of time to repair the damage.

The city states that environmental crews are aware of the situation and are currently mobilizing to repair the damage and restore water as soon as possible.

The city also states that, as a result of the loss in pressure, a boil water advisory may be issued.

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