Forest fire update

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry updated the forest fire situation in the Northeast late last night (Monday):

By the evening of July 30 there were 41 active forest fires across the northeast. Of these, 15 are not yet under control, 26 are either being held, under control or being observed.

There were four new fires confirmed in the region today.

Timmins 14 – west of Tatachikapika River Plain – is already under control at 0.3 hectares.

Sudbury 93 is located north of Mud Lake and is not yet under control at 0.1 hectares.

Sudbury 94 is located southwest of Otter Lake and is not yet under control at 0.3 hectares.

Sudbury 95 is located southwest of Wahnapitae and is not yet under control at 0.2 hectares.

Lady Evelyn Fire Cluster

North Bay 72, which started in Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater park, is not under control.

It’s approximately 27,275 hectares in size.

There were a few smokes and hot spots observed today (Monday).

Infrared scanning continues to happen when weather conditions cooperate.

Multiple pieces of heavy equipment continue to build dozer guard along the fire’s edge.

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