Technology will reveal more at Rockwalk Park

HAILEYBURY – The Rockwalk Park in Haileybury is inviting visitors Saturday, October 22, at 3 p.m., to enjoy the improvements, new exhibits, the new viewing area, new signage with QR codes, and more.

Located by Northern College in Haileybury, the Rockwalk Park has long been an area where people can enjoy the outdoors and learn more about area minerals and mining.

The new QR coding and website at has now expanded this experience, and has been made possible by funding South Temiskaming Community Futures, says Rockwalk Park Incorporated president Graham Gambles.

“Few people wanted a face to face conversation in the past few years, so the broad acceptance of QR coding for museum exhibits in the silver lining of the Covid experience,” said Gambles in an email.

“The QR will access the website and the user will be able to access information in both French and English. With the support of

Anthony Rota, we had a federal jobs grant last year that allowed us to hire a bilingual geology student at the University of Manitoba to translate the geological information package from English to French.”

He explained that requests for French translations have been received in the past from geologists and mining people from Quebec.

Visitors to the event will also receive some haskap preserves as a promotion for the haskap growers of Temiskaming, he added.

Visitors are encouraged to install the QR app on their smart phones, iPads, etc., before attending so that they can enjoy the new technology upgrade now available at the site.

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